Not A Fan Girl

So I am absolutely not one of those girls that is a “fan girl”.  Yes, there are celebrities that I like a lot, BUT I would never cry if I saw one in person.  I don’t freak out and scream when I go to concerts and I certainly don’t create shrines of them either.  I am just not that type of girl.  “Celebrities” are human just like us and that is what I think of them.  

With that being said though, I will admit that I have a slight secret not so much of an obsession with Ms. TSwift.  Taylor is my girl and she is REAL.  We are the same age and she is one lady that I am incredibly impressed with.  So, here are 10 reasons why I admire Taylor and why I want Taylor to be my bestie.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - October 28, 2014

  1. She has amazing musical talent. ex: watch her live or on the voice
  2. She always looks her best & has a great sense of style.
  3. She cares so much about people.  The opportunities she provides for her fans & taking the time to make an impact on them personally shows that she has HEART.
  4. After all the fame she has gained over the years, she seems to be the same person and has stayed humble through it all.
  5. Her business sense is beyond exceptional.  She knows her worth and isn’t going to downgrade all of her hard work.
  6. She is a lady that knows what she wants.
  7. She loves cats. Enough said.
  8. She is an inspiration to every young female out there.
  9. Her music is the bees knees. ex: see every albums she’s ever made.
  10. Lastly, she sticks up for her friends and they actually mean something to her.  To actually find friends that have this quality is not very common for me.

xo, Sammi

p.s. Taylor, if you ever read this…can we be friends?

Weekly To-Do Lists

Last Week:

  1. Put away all Christmas decorations Completed on 1/12/2015
  2. Clean off desk & kennel Completed on 1/13/2015
  3. Clean & de-clutter beauty room – I made some really good progress for this room, but it is taking longer than I had anticipated so this task will move into next week too.
  4. Pay all of my bills with the exception of next months rent & main loan payment Completed on 1/15/2015
  5. Send in work reimbursement form Completed on 1/17/2015
  6. Publish 3 blog posts – Not completed
  7. Have everything prepared for the ND Blogger Holiday Party by Friday Completed on 1/15/2015

This Week:

  1. Do research & create a meal plan for February
  2. Organize Work Desktop/Files & Mac Desktop/Files
  3. Make home-made mason jar candles
  4. Clean & de-clutter beauty room
  5. Deep clean make-up brushes & beautyblenders
  6. Publish 3 blog posts

Overall I think I did pretty good with completing my tasks for the week with the exception of publishing 3 blog posts.  I only published the one so that is something I definitely need to work on.

xo, Sammi

A New Year, A New Focus

Well, after a wonderful trip to Las Vegas (more on this to come) and shit hitting the fan elsewhere, I am proud to say that I work from home completely!  I work for a company out of DC as their Corporate Recruiter and am happy that I can now fully focus on improving my position.

Along with that I am finally making time to take blogging more seriously.  I love blogging but I fell into a rut (not the first time either) and now that I am working less I think I finally found the motivation to really push forward.

The last thing I am ready to focus on is de-cluttering and organizing my home, life, & finances.  I have wayyyy too much “stuff” and I don’t want it anymore.  I really need to go through everything and get rid of everything that I don’t need or want.  Starting this week, I am going to have weekly to-do lists with at least 5-10 things on it.

This week I want to accomplish the following:

  1. Put away all Christmas decorations
  2. Clean off desk & kennel
  3. Clean & de-clutter beauty room
  4. Make a vet appointment for Riley to get shots & tested either this week or next week
  5. Pay all of my bills with the exception of next months rent & main loan payment
  6. Send in work reimbursement form
  7. Publish 3 blog posts
  8. Have everything prepared for the ND Blogger Holiday Party by Friday

Thank you for sticking around through my absence!  Let’s make this new year a GREAT one!

xo, Sammi

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