You Might Be From North Dakota If…

Today I have teamed up with the lovely Samantha from The Samantha Life to bring you a little post about how you know you might be from ND!  I hope you enjoy it and learn a little about our fun state!

1. You have had an Oofda Taco.
2. You call that thing you push around the grocery store a “cart”.
3. You have a million weddings between June and September.
4. Your town has an equal number of bars and churches.
5. You see beautiful sunsets nearly every night and could name at least 5 different colors that appear.
6. You know what a “car-starter” is.
7. You tell people you’re going to “the cities” for the weekend and they obviously know that you mean the Minneapolis-St.Paul/all surrounding suburbs area.
8. You leave your keys in the car if you park in the driveway or run into the store quick. 
9. Your local Dairy Queen is closed from November through March.
10. It is shorts weather when above 40 degrees.
11. You call a soda pop “pop” and address a group of people as “guys” (no y’all around these parts).
12. You know the meaning of North-Dakota-Nice. And Minnesota-Nice. Basically, it should just be Midwest-Nice.


Have you heard of any of these before? or Does this sound like any other states?

xoxo, Sammi