You Need A Budget.

I think it is time that I talked about how I am budgeting myself to become debt free.

Before making the “leap” to publicly announce my commitment to becoming debt free I had tried out budgeting in the past but failed incredibly.  I tried writing out a budget, using Mint, and using Learnvest.  I also used to be the type of person that would look at my bank account, pay my bills, figure out how much money I had left, and then spend the rest on whatever I felt like spending it on. BUT, None of these options worked for me and I needed to try something else.

After reading several blogs about becoming debt free, I felt like I received the “push” I needed to seriously start my journey.  For budgeting and keeping track of my money, I am using a budgeting software called  You Need A Budget. (YNAB).  I have been using it since June and this is the first system I have been honestly able to stick to.


YNAB allows you to enter your available funds and give every dollar a job.  For example, I get paid every Friday and every Friday morning before I head to work I enter the amount I was paid into the software as available income.  Then I give every dollar a job by assigning it into a category.  You can create your own categories to reflect your own budget and monetary needs.

ynab4_budgetWhen you make a transaction you will enter it into the software and it will automatically subtract it from your budgeted amount.  I remember back in the day trying to keep track of my spending in a check register and I can tell you that this is WAY easier.



Reasons why I love YNAB:

  • This software requires you to do the work and be active in where your funds are being assigned to.
  • YNAB is also available on iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and iPad.  I use it on my computer and my phone to keep track of my finances and enter in transactions.
  • I can see my progress week by week or month by month.  It feels good to know that this is working.
  • YNAB allows your budget to be flexible.  Things come up unexpectedly and you may need to move funds around.  That is OKAY.  You can move around funds anytime you’d like.
  • You can download it with a 34-day trial to try it out for yourself here!  AND if you love it as much as I do, you can purchase it for only $60.


If any of you have been wanting to try budgeting then I would 100% suggest that you try out YNAB.  I encourage you all to take control of your finances (if you haven’t already) and plan for greater things in life!  If you have any questions, I am here to answer them!

xoxo, Sammi