Yellow Lemony Deliciousness

So, Here’s a little story:
In June, for my boyfriends birthday, I made him a Vanilla Bean Cake with Vanilla Bean Butter Cream Frosting.
Every one of his friends liked it a lot..
but, I HATED it.
The cake was supposed to be fluffy and it turned out to be super dense.
I was in a rush that day to get everything done…
I know that you can’t rush baking so it was all my fault that it had happened.
I didn’t read through the baking instructions well enough and I had completely missed a step.
Can you guess what that step was?!
Yep, I forgot to sift the freaking cake flour.
How dumb right?

Sooo, after that I had to redeem myself from that bad baking habit.
This past weekend I made a Lemon Cake with Whipped frosting using 3 different recipes.
All of the recipes were from the Martha Stewart website.
I picked steps from 2 cake recipes that I liked.

For the cake:
I chose to use the cake recipe from this website.
(OH! and I DIDN’T forget to sift! :D)
I did just one batch and it made 2 layers.
JUST what I was looking for!
It turned out so yummy, moist, and fluffy!
(Like the first cake was supposed to be!)

For the Lemon Syrup and the Lemon Garnish:
For both of these components and the technique for how they were used I used this recipe.
Like it says: I poked holes with a tooth pick in both layers of the cake and I brushed the syrup on the cake and then let it soak into the cake.
The Lemon Garnish was saved later on towards the end to put on top.

For the Lemon Curd:
My boyfriends mother already had some lemon curd that she received as a gift so I used that for this cake project instead of making my own.
If I was going to make my own I would have used this recipe.
I put the lemon curd between the two layers of cake after the syrup was soaked into the cake.
Both the syrup and the lemon curd helped to keep the cake moist!

For the Frosting:
I chose to do a Whipped Frosting to keep it light.
The recipe that I chose is here!
This was probably the most challenging part of the process for me. 
(along with part of the cake recipe)
For some reason I just am not comfortable with working with egg whites and meringue textures!
I’ll get used to it eventually!
That just means I need to bake more! Right?!

All-In-All I think the cake turned out GREAT!
I made it pretty late at night and it was left at my boyfriends parents house.
The next day when I went over there after work, there was literally like only 1/4 of the cake left!
Let’s just say that it didn’t even last for a day and everyone LOVED it!

It’s not perfect, but here was my finished product!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

~Samantha <3

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