Worst Day in My Career


Yesterday was honestly the worst and scariest day ever that I have had as a dog groomer.

My last dog of the day was a 15 year old Lhasa Apso named Tasha.  She is one of those dogs that freaks out if you get by her face with anything and will try to bite you.  So, needless to say this dog has to be medicated before it comes and gets groomed.

I start the first shave down and I get her back & back legs shaved and then move on to the stomach.  I lifted her front legs to get her tummy and gently set her back down.  I went to go lift up her back end to put it in the other loop of the lead so that I can take the one that is around her neck off in order for me to shave her neck and front legs…..and the worst thing happened….

As I was holding her back end in my hand she let out this really high pitch scream and starting leaning to the right.  At first I thought it was her starting to freak out but within a few seconds I knew it wasn’t that.  This wasn’t a scream that a dog lets out when it is get mad or scared.  This was something completely different and horrifying to hear.

From across the room, my co-worker asked me what that noise was and I just looked at her, bawling my eyes out, and said “it was her…I don’t know what to do…”  I moved her a little bit to show her that she was basically unresponsive and her neck/head fell over limp.

I had a very limp dog in my hands…I was crying my eyes out…I had no idea what to do…She was having a seizure.  In that moment there wasn’t anything that I could do other than hold her and try to comfort her.  My co-worker came over and sat with me while we tried to get her to recover from the seizure.

This was the first time I have ever had a dog have a seizure while I was grooming them.  I was terrified.  As I was holding her limp body I could only hope that I wasn’t going to be holding a dead dog in my hands.  This is by far the worst day I have had at work.  I would trade being bit by multiple dogs in one day for that situation any day.

Let’s hope today is a much better day!

What has been your worst/scariest day in your career?

xoxo, Sammi