Work that Rewards

I have only posted one other blog post about my current job and it wasn’t exactly the best post to create a positive first impression about the dog grooming profession. (Check it out here if you haven’t read it)

I absolutely love my job no matter what happens on a day to day basis, but I wanted to show you the type of moments that make all of the not so pretty aspects of the job worth it!  Last Friday I was waiting for my last dog to come in so that I could finish him and get going.  When I went out to our lobby to check the dog in, this is what I walked out to….


 This is Jax.  He is a Shih-Tzu mix.  As you can see in this picture, he was completely matted from head to tail to toe.  My immediate response to seeing him was “oh my you are a fluffy dog!”  I never try to offend the owner for the state their dogs may be in so it was really hard to not sound like…”holy shit.  what the hell happened?”  I had to explain to the owner that Jax would have to be completely shaved everywhere because of how matted he was.  I wish you could feel him at this point.  His hair was in huge clumps that were hard and very close to his skin.  I felt so sorry for this dog, but it made me incredibly happy that I was able to groom him.  After about 1-1.5 hours of shaving him down this was in progress result…


Yes, that IS all of the matted hair that was on Jax.  Look how teeny he is!  It was like I took two extra dogs off of him.  The hair on his sides and back came off in one piece as I shaved  it off.  His ears were also matted to his neck; so the hair on his head, neck, and ears also came off in one piece.  At this point I am happy to say that he didn’t have any sores on his body from being matted.  He was such a happy little boy and an absolute sweetheart!  Now it was time for him to get a bath and get all cleaned up!  Here is the final result….!


It is times like this when I can take a dog that severely needs to be groomed and make them feel 100 times better.  You could tell a difference in his personality from before and after his groom and you could tell that he was a lot happier!  Dog grooming can be a trying job, but the results you get from grooming them makes all of the hard work worth it…times a million!  This is actually not the worst I have seen a dog, but it is definitely one of the worst.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?