Woo! Birthday Time!

Hi everyone!

I just want to stop by really quick to say that YES today is my birthday! 🙂

I am the big ‘ol whoppin’ 24.

(Sorry for those that are older than me. You really aren’t old!)

It’s crazy to think that I am 24 already!

There has been SO many crazy changes in my life within the past year but I am incredibly thankful to be where I am at right now!

Now on to blogging business!  I do have a few quick updates for this upcoming week!

  1. I will now be doing my nail polish of the week on Monday’s and it will be called Mani Monday.
  2. I have an exciting addition to my blog that will be announced later this week that everyone can participate in! It’s going to be a lot of fun so I hope everyone joins in!
  3. Join me on Wednesday for the Wildcard Wednesday Link-up! I will be a co-host this week and you could be the winner of a great prize at the end of the month by linking up and following the hosts!
  4. I also have some great product reviews coming up as well so keep a look out for them!


I hope every one has a fabulous week!

♥ Samantha