What a BEAST of a Week

Well,  I wasn’t going to post today BUT I just felt like I had to tell you about my beast of a week so far, well just Monday and Tuesday.  Let’s just get to it…  *Warning: I absolutely LOVE my job and animals are a HUGE weakness for me so bare with me when you read these words!)

Monday:  This was a complete off day…or so I thought anyways.  At work I had 9 dogs and I thought it was going to be a great day!  Turns out I was completely wrong.  Usually all of the dogs I get are good, but not today! Literally only 2 dogs were nice.  The other 7 were complete shit dogs.  They kept trying to bite or wouldn’t quit moving.  We had those dogs that would scream bloody murder for no reason at all…you would really think we were in the business of killing dogs somedays rather than grooming them!  One one my dogs took 3 OF US to hold down just so I could clip his nails.  Seriously?! They are just nails! Oh, and he was definitely one of the biters…hence the 3 people.

Tuesday:  Oh could this week get any better!  I woke up with a massive headache, neck ache, and back ache.  I was fine right away but I knew I needed to drink water and eat something.  I get to work and open up my saltines and start drinking water.  At this point food and water are not helping one bit and I start to get nauseous.  Greeaaaatttt.  Just what I needed.  I had 8 dogs on Tuesday and there was no way I could go home sick so I had to suck it up.  On top of that…more shit dogs, BUT today was even worse.  I had to bathe a Lab/Mastiff Mix.  She was a beast.  This dog definitely weighed more than my 108 lb. self and she was a HUGE baby.  I like to clip their nails before giving them a bath so that they can’t claw you in the tub, so that’s what I start to do. I get one of her back feet clipped and I move on to the front paw.  Clip the first nail and she yelps.  Clip the second nail and she bites my hand so I get help (didn’t break the skin).  Clip the third nail and she bites my helps hand (didn’t break the skin).  So we get a muzzle to put on her and another person.  That’s 3 people and a muzzle to clip nails.  RIDICULOUS!  So after that I continue my work.  One of my co-workers dogs starts to FREAK OUT, like bad, for no reason while being shaved.  It was his first time being groomed at our facility so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for that.  But anyways, I go over there to help them calm him down and I had him at a good spot, but then he starts freaking out again.  This time he breaks loose of our grip and he bites me.  It happened so fast that I immediately grabbed my thumb, grabbed a co-worker from another room and ran to the bathroom.  I knew it was going to be bad/deep.  She turns on the water for me and I remove my hand from my thumb and it is just covered in blood.  Needless to say I was in a lot of pain at that point.  I ran it under ice cold water for a few minutes to get it numb and then we wrapped it up.  I was so jumbled up with the pain of being bit, pissed off at this dog because it bit me, feeling like shit because I was nauseous and hurting from all of my aches that I just broke down crying.  I haven’t had a day this bad in a LONG time.  This is how I had to work the rest of the day…


My co-worker ended up being able to finish the dog and so we waited for the owner to come pick him up.  The owner gets there and we are checking the dog out…I go over to get him out of the kennel and the little fucker BITES ME AGAIN in front of his owner.  Let’s just say he is VERY lucky his owner was sitting right there.  So this time he bit me on my other thumb and it was on my thumb nail so he didn’t break skin or anything but it still hurt!  My thumb nail has a little bruise on it/under it but I can at least use it.  I can’t use my other thumb at the moment.  Here is it without the bandage….It doesn’t look that bad but it is in a spot where it just hurts so much!


More about my warning from the beginning of the post…like I said, I love my job and animals are a HUGE weakness for me.  I will take care of any dogs that comes in like they are my own.  I play with them, cuddle with them, give them kisses..etc.  BUT when a dog bites you, you just get pissed!  The first time the dog bit me I showed him the bite and said bad boy.  I was over it.  The second time he bit me, I wanted to punt him across the room.  Don’t take that the wrong way because I would NEVER hurt an animal unless it was in pure defense and it was threatening my life.  BUT DAMN.  2 times!  ohh I was pissed.

Well, that was my Monday and Tuesday this week…pretty eventful.  Makes for a good story I guess!  I am really hoping the rest of my week/weekend goes better!

♥ Samantha