Weekly To-Do Lists

Last Week:

  1. Put away all Christmas decorations Completed on 1/12/2015
  2. Clean off desk & kennel Completed on 1/13/2015
  3. Clean & de-clutter beauty room – I made some really good progress for this room, but it is taking longer than I had anticipated so this task will move into next week too.
  4. Pay all of my bills with the exception of next months rent & main loan payment Completed on 1/15/2015
  5. Send in work reimbursement form Completed on 1/17/2015
  6. Publish 3 blog posts – Not completed
  7. Have everything prepared for the ND Blogger Holiday Party by Friday Completed on 1/15/2015

This Week:

  1. Do research & create a meal plan for February
  2. Organize Work Desktop/Files & Mac Desktop/Files
  3. Make home-made mason jar candles
  4. Clean & de-clutter beauty room
  5. Deep clean make-up brushes & beautyblenders
  6. Publish 3 blog posts

Overall I think I did pretty good with completing my tasks for the week with the exception of publishing 3 blog posts.  I only published the one so that is something I definitely need to work on.

xo, Sammi