Weekend Update

1.  Valentine’s Day was awesome! My boyfriend (K) surprised me with Valentine’s Day presents when I got home from work.  I wasn’t expecting to get much at all because we agreed on it, but he loves to treat me!  This is what I came home to…(see below).  There were chocolates, 2 teddy bears, and a card.  The chocolates were for both of us and the 2 teddy bears were for me and miss Ellie Mae.  She absolutely loves stuffed animals so K bought us matching mommy and puppy teddy bears.  I thought that was SO cute!  He later surprised me with another gift and that turned out to be a coat and another card!



2.  Friday Night:  During the day on Friday I had won two tickets to the UND Men’s Hockey game on the radio, so that is what we did Friday night!  We were going to go to the game anyways, but winning tickets for free made it that much better! Saved us $80 in the end!

3.  Saturday Day/Night:  Saturday ended up being really shitty.  We lost too much money doing pull tabs and I ended up getting a HORRIBLE headache that pretty much put me in bed for the remainder of the day/night.  We were supposed to go to the UND Men’s Hockey Game on Saturday night too, but ended up not making it.  I woke up during the game and we finished watching it on TV.  I then fell back to sleep.  Other than the hour I was up to watch part of the hockey game I slept from about 2pm on Saturday until 10am Sunday morning.

4.  Sunday:  This was a typical sunday.  I did my many loads of laundry, cleaned up our bedroom, and did the weekly shopping.  I have decided to start tackling little projects around the house and this weekend I started with my desk.  It isn’t finished yet but hopefully soon it will be!  I am trying to organize my life/house more and de-clutter! I feel like I have way too much “stuff”!

5.  The last thing:  K and I decided this weekend that we are going to take a vacation next month and go to Las Vegas!  This will be my first time in Vegas and can’t wait!  We are going to be staying at one of my dad’s timeshares and will be there for a week! Less than a month until we take off! Let the vacation planning begin!


If you have any suggestions on what to do/see in Vegas let me know! We want the full experience! (Other than getting married! LOL)  How was your weekend?  What did you do?

♥ Samantha