Weekend Rant

Tonight I just feel like talking so I am going to go on a little rant.

So, today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday. (duh)

Saturday is usually the day we run all of our errands, do any shopping that needs to be done, and do something fun if we both don’t have to work.  It is also the day when I look around and think to myself “damn. we really need to clean tomorrow!”  Seriously though.  EVERY Saturday I have that same thought.  Within 6 days, I feel like a tornado goes through the bedroom and BAM it’s messy.  Mail and clothes are everywhere, empty water bottles left in random places, and lots of stuffed animal fuzz all over the floor (thanks to Ellie).  Needless to say, tomorrow..like every Sunday, we will need to do a thorough cleaning in the bedroom!

Speaking of tomorrow…I am sure you have seen this picture floating around the web…maybe…


Yep.  So, I live between Hallock and Fargo.  It is going to be f*cking cold tomorrow! (excuse my french)  Those are the ‘feels like’ temperatures so in reality it is only going to be like -20something I think.  The windchill makes it SO much worse.  Oh, and keep in mind that yesterday it was like 38 degrees outside.  That’s about a 50 degree difference within 2 days.  Needless to say, I needed to fill my gas tank today to make sure my car will start tomorrow and we also had to buy booties for Miss Ellie so her little paws don’t get frostbite.  I will for sure be staying in tomorrow.  Let’s hope it can be a productive day!

♥ Samantha