Wednesday Wishlist: Sephora Beauty Insider

After opening my e-mail yesterday, I about died when I looked through my Sephora Beauty Insider e-mail.  Seriously. DIED.  These are two “products” that I would die to have!

1.  Okay, so numero uno is the Urban Decay ‘The Mother Lode Shadow Set’  This is a make lovers DREAM!  It contains 68 full-size shadows that pop out of the container.  Did you read that?!  FULL-SIZE.  Look at that beautiful piece of work! Too bad the price it too hefty for my pocket book right now…$595…a $1234 value.  If anyone would like to buy me an earlier christmas present I would GLADLY accept!


2.  Well, numero dos isn’t AS great as numero uno but its such a cute idea!  It is the ‘Countdown to Love Advent Calendar’ by Benefit Cosmetics.  How great is this?!  It is a perfect way to introduce someone to the Benefit brand!  There are ‘mini beauty treasures’  in each of the days for you to try out!


Is there anything you have been dying to try lately?

♥ Samantha

  • OH I wish I could get the UD palette ..I agree it is the mother load!

  • I cannot wait to get my hands on the STILA Artist Signature set, but that urban decay shadow set would be awesome too!

  • $600?!?! I could never! But damn if it isn’t just beautiful.

  • The Urban Decay Mother Lode Shadow Set is incredible! I would pick it up right away if I could afford it, lol. As for something that Ive been dying to try lately, I really want the Ciate advent calendar, but I do agree that the Benefit one is great to introduce someone to the brand.

    • I haven’t seen the Ciate Advent Calendar yet! I’ll have to look it up!

  • OMG…I want…now! 😀