Unexpected Vacation

It’s was not too long ago that I had my rant post and I was complaining about needing a vacation. (I’m sure you all just loved that post)  That very next day I received a phone call from my dad…. long story short… last week we bought plane tickets to go to Las Vegas next week!  This will be our second time going to Vegas in 6 short months! Needles to say I am VERY excited.  My dad, grandma, great aunt, and my cousin are meeting us there and I can’t wait to spend time with them!  

Another HUGE plus is that I will be there for my birthday!  I am turning a whopping 25 years old this year and will get to spend it in VEGAS.  oh…AND that is my great aunt’s birthday too…It’s about to get cray cray.

I will be in Vegas for an entire week so it will be an awesome break from reality! I’m ready for some HOT weather.  We are starting to get fall weather here and it is now chilly in my  house at night.  With that being said…I am going to go crawl in to my bed and cuddle with miss Ellie Mae while we wait for K to get home. from work!

Have a great Wednesday!

xoxo, Sammi