Ruffian Nail Lacquer + Nail Lacquer Remover Towelette Review

I have a little weakness for nail polish you see…  I have a nail polish rack hanging up in my bathroom that is currently holding 111 nail polishes and I have many more hiding away because I need to get myself another rack.  Yes, some would say I have a little problem..but nail polish, make-up, and beauty products are a hobby for me and I LOVE it!

Today I bring to you Ruffian The Rapture Collection and the Ruffian Perfumed Nail Lacquer Remover Towelettes.  First of all…this collection is absolutely STUNNING! It comes with 3 colors: Relic, Ambrosia, & Rosary.  They are metallic polishes that you could never go wrong with!  The formula is just great and the best part…I only had to use one coat of polish for all 3 colors!


So let’s start with Relic.  Once upon a time…back in high school..I was OBSESSED with metallic silver/grey nail polish.  If Relic would have been out back then it definitely would have been my staple nail polish!  It brings back so many memories for me and it makes me want to wear it even more!


Ambrosia. Shut. The. Front. Door.  I didn’t think I would like this color at all because I am not a huge purple fan.  But seriously.  I love this color.  It’s a light metallic purple and it is just a VERY pretty color!  I can really see myself wearing this color in the spring a lot.


The color I was just WAITING for…Rosary.  I knew from the moment I saw this polish that I was in love with it!  It is a gorgeous metallic rose gold color that is going to be PERFECT for fall!  I have already painted all my finger nails and toe nails with this color and will be wearing it for a long time!


The remover towelettes are very interesting.  I am not a fan of the smell or perfumed scent that they have but I would still use them!  They took off the nail polish with ease and seem to be a great product overall!  The towelette themselves are black which I thought is unique.  It didn’t show any of the polish as it rubbed off.  It was like the polish just disappeared!  They are also acetone free which is nice!  The towelette stays moist for a long time too.  I was able to remove some polish I already had on and try out all 3 colors with the use of the same towelette!


But seriously…if you haven’t tried the Ruffian brand or these nail polishes you definitely need to!.  You can buy the set in the Birchbox shop here for $26.50 plus free shipping.  You can purchase the towelettes in the Birchbox shop here as well for $12.00 plus free shipping. I believe that is the only place you can buy them since they are a Birchbox Exclusive product.

Have you tried these yet?

xoxo, Sammi


**Disclaimer:  I received these products to review from Birchbox and these are my own honest opinions**