The Dreadful 6 Months

There’s a reason I haven’t really been around my blog lately and that is due to Miss Ellie Mae turning 6 months old this past tuesday.  It was her time to finally go into the vet and get spayed.

The last time I wrote about her was right here.  She used to be so tiny and such a little baby.  Now she weighs 43 lbs and is turning into such a big girl.  Since the last post she has learned to play dead, rollover, high-five, stay, and is currently learning to flip a bone off her nose.  She is probably the smartest dog I have ever owned!

This week has definitely been an interesting week as far as dealing with her having her surgery.  First of all, I am a HUGE baby.  I was trying so hard not to but as I was leaving the vet building I started crying because I had to leave her there so they could cut her open.  What a horrible way to think about it right?

Second, she was doing sooo good the first couple of days that I thought this would be a smooth couple weeks.  Unfortunately she started to lick her wound a lot on Thursday.  At about 3AM Friday morning we woke up to her jumping off of our bed.  (Which is a BIG no no.)  She stretched her wound and it started bleeding.  To make sure she wouldn’t lick it, I slept in her huge doggie bed with her for the rest of the night.  That was the worst sleep I’ve had in a long time!  I was literally up every 10-15 minutes because she was either trying to get up or lick her wound.

At 7:45 AM I took her back to the vet and had her tummy looked at to make sure she didn’t do anything bad to it.  They said that it was looking good, but since it started bleeding they wanted her to be put on an antibiotic. To keep her from licking her wound we also had to get an Elizabethan Collar, which we like to call the “cone of shame”.  Isn’t she cute?!


Not going to lie, I don’t feel bad at all that she has to wear it.  It’s her fault!  It is super cute though when she is walking around.  She bumps into everything!

I am really hoping this next week will be a lot better and her wound keeps healing nicely!  I can’t wait to take off her cone and actually play with her!

Has anyone else experienced a spay/neuter?  How did it go?

♥ Samantha