That time of year…PROM!

So it is about that time of year when high school juniors and seniors are starting to look for their prom wear and planning out how their evening will take place.  How does this affect me when I am about 7 years out of high school you ask? Well, I have a younger sister that is a junior this year and we have recently started looking around to find her a prom dress!

Like most girls, including myself, she is being extremely picky about what she wants to wear!  One of the biggest things teenage girls seem to worry about is not wearing the same dress as someone else.  That is like the ONE thing that is worse than everything else. And with that concern, has begun the longgg journey of looking at every online site we can find as well as checking out all of the stores around us that carry prom dresses.

I remember shopping for my own prom dresses back when I was in high school and I knew that I wanted to order mine online.  There were so many more dresses to choose from compared to what our town has to offer.  She is trying to find a gorgeous, flattering dress that won’t break the bank!  We have looked at many dresses online and I wanted to share some dresses that my sister has found to add to her ‘maybe list’.  If you know anyone that is searching for an affordable prom dress definitely tell them to check out JenJenHouse!


This dress is simple but gorgeous!  We love the sequins and the color of the dress!

Hot Pink

Hot Pink! YES PLEASE!  This dress is da bomb! The flowy skirt can be taken off and the dress can be worn as a fitted mini dress.  We thought that is great for when you want to start dancing the night away!


This dress is absolutely STUNNING! It does look an awful lot like a wedding-ish dress in white but you can choose from many colors!  This is the perfect dress if you are looking for something elegant!


This dress, like the rest, is also gorgeous!  This is a one strap dress that I actually think works and doesn’t look awkward!

Where did you get your prom dress?  Are you helping anyone look for their prom wear?