TAR 24

If you watch the show then you obviously know that TAR is The Amazing Race.  Sunday Night, before I went to bed, I saw a comment that someone else posted on Facebook about my current reality TV couple being on TAR again for the second time!  I have been following them throughout reality TV since they were first on Big Brother a few years back.  Yes, you’ve got it right.  I am completely 100% a fan of Brenchel!

I had no idea that they were even on the show again, so when I saw that comment I was extremely excited and immediately went to the CBS website to find out that the show wasn’t over yet.  It turns out that the season finale is coming up this Sunday!  I spent Monday & Tuesday night watching all of the episodes so that I could be caught up for the season finale.

**Spoiler Alert – If you aren’t caught up, you are about to find out who the final three are**

I am a little bummed that I will be missing the season finale due to being on the road going to South Dakota, but you better bet that I will be recording that sucker!  Do any of you watch TAR or are Brenchel Fans?  I am so happy for them making it to the finale and being one of the last three teams in the race.  I think that they have a great chance of winning the entire race against the two country singers and the dad & son duo.  Do you have any predictions?

Let’s go Team Brenchel!


♥ Samantha