Sponsor Highlight Post: Meet Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog

Hi There!

Today I am here to Introduce you to Lauren from The Albrechts Blog!


I have been reading her blog for awhile now and I love it!  I also link-up with her and Hayley for the Getting to Know the Girl Between The Lines link-up!

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She is such a sweet person and is incredibly stunning!  I am super jealous of her curly hair!  I hope to get to know her more in the future! Make sure you check out her blog and scroll down to read a little bit more about her!

What do people call you?

Lauren, some of my friends have shortened it to Lo.

Where are you from?


How would you describe yourself?

Outgoing, friendly, eager to meet new people and try new things!  I love reading, running, and drinking good coffee.

Lauren 2

What is your favorite hobby?

Blogging of course! 🙂 I also really enjoy decorating and making pretty things out of ordinary household/craft items.

What is your all-time favorite beauty product?

Probably “Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves” … it’s the only hair product that works well with my curly hair!

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?

I’d love to run a half marathon… I signed up for one in March, but we’re moving to New England, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to get back to TN to run it!


When and Why did you start your blog?

I’ve been blogging for a long time and I’ve had several blogs, but I started The Albrechts Blog around a year ago.  I started it because I wanted to grow in writing and I wanted to share the things I love- crafting, following Jesus, running, and learning to be a wife!  I have a horrible memory, so my blog is a place to document out lives.

What should readers expect from your blog?

Truth.  I’m real.  I talk about things that are hard, what I’m trying to grow in, and I celebrate when things are great.  I want you to feel welcomed coming to my blog… and I hope you can relate.

When it comes to blogging, what is the best piece of advise you have received?

Do it for yourself, not for what you think people will want to read.  When you need a break, take a break.  Don’t produce quantity when the quality isn’t up to par.  I’m still reminding myself that it’s okay not to blog every day that I think I should.

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