Seven Deadly Sins

While I was out and about looking at different blogs, I came across the Seven Deadly Sins survey over at Pretty Strong Medicine.  After seeing it I just HAD to do it!



seven great things about your life
1. I have a GREAT support system.
2. I have 2 wonderful pets that I adore.
3. I have finally decided to chase after my dreams.
4. I have the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ask for.
5. I am young and have a lot of time to do the things I love.
6. My hobbies make me happy.
7. I am taking the time to find myself and where I belong
seven things you lack and covet
1. Clear skin
2. Money
3. An engagement ring
4. A healthy body
5. Artistic ability
6. A never-ending closet of clothes, shoes, makeup, etc.
7. A full-time job
seven things that make you angry
1. People who lie
2. Bad drivers
3. Wasting time
4. People who are always negative
5. People who are insensitive to others
6. Drama
7. When people fight
seven things that you neglect to do
1. Remove my make-up
2. Vacuum
3. Call or Text people back
4. Eat all of my food
5. Stay on top of blog stuff
6. Workout
7. Clean my fish tank
seven worldly material desires
1. Michael Kors watch
2. A large house
3. A pearly white Escalade
4. Unlimited make-up
5. A Mac Desktop
6. A personal stylist (hair and clothes)
7. My own business
seven guilty pleasures
1. Dill Pickle Chips
2. Arnold Palmer
3. Beauty Subscription Boxes
4. Organization/Supplies
5. Shopping
6. Baking and Cooking
7. Blogging
seven things you love about love
1. Laughing until you cry
2. Having someone to always make you happy
3. Hugs and Kisses
4. Cuddling
5. Being spontaneous
6. Being there for each other no matter what
7. Feeling like you matter/feeling loved
What are your seven deadly sins?
♥ Samantha