#SaveTheUndies with U by Kotex!

*Thanks to U by Kotex® Pads for sponsoring today’s discussion, but as always all opinions are my own.*


Okay, So…Let’s just get right down to it.  We all know that when that time of the month rolls around we have all had those moments when we realized that one of our favorite pairs of undies has been ruined.  This is honestly one of the things I absolutely hate!  I’m sure I am not the only one that likes to buy cute underwear annnddd I do have to admit that I pay a good chunk of change for them, so the last thing I want is for them to be ruined by that time of the month!

Aunt Flo

Over the years I have realized when I should be expecting aunt flow to arrive and can easily pick out the symptoms.  Because of this I have taken a few steps to help me Save The Undies!

  1. First off, I have learned to wear only dark colored underwear around the time aunt flow will be arriving and while she is visiting.  Black or Dark Blue undies are the trick for me!  This is important so you don’t actually ever ruin a pair!
  2. Secondly, to save yourself from discomfort and the possibility of ruining more than just your undies, I like to make sure I take precaution and use some protection!

This is where U by Kotex® Pads come into play!  I love this brand and it has saved me personally so many pair of undies!  U by Kotex® offers a full line of feminine care products for periods including pads, liners and tampons.  U by Kotex® is now introducing new Ultra Thin Pads with 3D Capture Core*, a one-of-a-kind center that locks away wetness to help stop leaks. Now available in Cleanwear® pads, AllNighter® pads and Security* pads.

 U by Kotex

My favorite ones are the new Security* pads with 3D Capture Core.  They have been an underwear saver for me!  Want to try them out for yourself?!  Visit the U by Kotex Landing page and find the samples that best fit your mission to save the undies. Click on the “Get Sample” button and enter your mailing information. Then, sit back and wait, your samples will be on their way!

xoxo, Sammi