Red, White, & Blue.

Yep, those were the colors I saw flashing in my back window for the first time EVER in my life.  I am almost 25 and have never been pulled over by a cop until last night all because my headlight is out.

We were driving home at 2am from Taco Bell and I saw a police car driving towards us and we were stopped at a stop light.  I said to myself.. “Watch, here is the one time I get pulled over for my headlight being out” and sure enough I watched the cop drive through the light, flip a HUGE u-turn which in itself was illegal (Just sayin’), and he was on my ass until there was a good spot to pull me over.

I immediately rolled down my windows, pulled out my license, registration, & insurance and just waited for him to walk over.  It was me and Kyle in the car and he went to Kyle’s window first.  This is how our conversation went.

Cop: What are you guys up to tonight
Me: We just got Taco Bell and now we are going home.
Cop:  Do you know why you are being pulled over?
Me: I’m assuming its for my headlight.  (Points at the light)  I saw that it was burnt out a couple days ago and I was going to get them changed when I get my mirror fixed (points at passenger side mirror) but it was going to cost me and extra $200 for them to just change my headlights so I figured I would try to do it myself instead.  (Can you tell I was nervous? I pretty much told him my life story.)
Cop: Well good for you.  Did these happen at the same time?
Me: No, my mirror was broke last fall and my headlight just went out recently.
Cop: Okay, Have you had any drinks tonight?
Me:  Yes, I had one drink earlier tonight.
Cop: Around what time?
Me: It was at like 8 and I’ve been drinking water the rest of the night.
Cop: Okay, that’s good.  (He looks at Kyle) So, have you been drinking tonight?
Kyle:  Yeah.
Cop:  More than her?
Kyle: Yeah, I’ve had 3-4 beers. (He literally just finished a beer at the bar like 20 minutes before this happened.)
Cop:  Okay, so you are the one I smell the alcohol on. (Looks back at me)  So, if I gave you a breathalyzer test would you pass it?
Me:  Well I’d hope so!
Cop:  I’d hope so too! I will be right back.
….and we wait…he then walks back over to us and he comes to my window this time. Sneaky guy coming over to my window to see if he smells alcohol on me.
Me: I thought you were going to go back to his window so I rolled mine back up!
Cop: Yeah, that’s okay.  I don’t have any reason or suspicion to perform a DUI Investigation and you seem really responsible so if you feel like you are okay to drive then I will just give you a warning this time for your headlights.
Me: Well thank you! You know, this I my first time ever getting pulled over!
Cop: Well, Congratulations! I hope it was everything you imagined it would be!
Me: Yeah, I guess!
Cop:  Well you two have a good night.
Me: Thank you! You too!

I thought it went pretty smoothly in my opinion!  I always thought that I would cry my way out of the first time I got pulled over but nope! Didn’t even have the urge to cry!  Needless to say, I got my warning now so today I am actually going to go buy headlights, put my man pants on, and learn how to change them. Lesson learned!

Have you been pulled over?  What was your first time like?

xoxo, Sammi