Quick Life Update – Moving!

Well heyyy!

So, I do have a quick life update! I apologize that I did not get a polish of the week post up this week!  We found out that we were able to move into our house earlier than the 15th so we moved our stuff in yesterday since it worked out the best for everyone!  Sadly, we aren’t getting cable/internet until the 20th.  Seriously…I think I might just die.  I know that is sad to say, but not being able to post for you guys stresses me out a little bit and I have to miss all of my TV shows!  If I can find an internet connection to be able to post between now and then I definitely will!

Sooo, the moving part of it!  I started moving stuff at 9am yesterday morning and we didn’t go to sleep until 3am last night.  I feel like I am dead today!  We have an unfortunate amount of unpacking to do, but this is the perfect opportunity for me to go through everything and really de-clutter our living space!  The animals are adjusting amazingly!  Both Ellie Mae and Riley Oxford (more to come on this furry friend) are loving the new place and they both LOVE running up and down the stairs.  It’s kind of crazy but so fun to watch!

Well, I just wanted to drop a quick line and I will have lots of posts coming for you soon! Thank you for bearing with me and my move into the new place!  Have a great week!

♥ Samantha

  • Ugh moving is LAME! Good luck lady!

  • Hey Samantha, Nice to met you and thank you for following my blog. I couldn’t find the GFC follow button on your blog so I am following you via Bloglovin 🙂 Moving can be a lot of hard work but it is also exciting to move into a new place. congrats on the new house.

  • Good luck with the move!! 🙂

  • oh goodness, moving can be so stressful! Hope you get through it alive (I’m sure you will! haha). Found you through the ‘grab a friend’ blog hop, and now I shall follow you via bloglovin. Good luck with the move! 🙂

  • Hi. This is Regina from At the Lake. Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Liebster Award. Please check out my post at http://regina-atthelake.blogspot.com/2013/08/wedding-traditions-and-liebster-award.html for the details.

  • Wow, how exciting! Moving is dreadful… but in the end having your own place will be wonderful! Enjoy the process and the chance to clean out the closets, haha!!! When you get back online, you’ll be so excited to see everyone again and catch up on all your shows 🙂
    xo ~kim & chloe

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  • Good luck with the move! Thanks for co-hosting the blog hop this week!! New follower 🙂 Feel free to stop on by!

    • Thank you! and you are totally welcome! Thank you for following me and I will be sure to stop by! 🙂

  • Yay! That is good news! Whenever we moved we didn’t have internet for a few days and I never realized how much I relied on it (apart from blogging things). I hope you get everything settled in quickly! Moving can be the worst but a new place is always nice 🙂

    • Settling in has been great! We have a few more things we would like to do in the house before we have a little house warming gathering with our friends. Other than that, I couldn’t have asked for it to go more smoothly!

  • Moving is so stressful! I’m so glad the animals are settling in nicely. A big move is often hardest on them.

    • It was stressful at first but everything has turned out great! I do find myself unpacking things still, but that is okay! The animals are crazy. They love the house so that is good for us!