Pura d’or Argan Oil + Giveaway (50 Winners!)

One type of product I can’t live without in my hair and skin care routine is a good oil.  Now for myself, I don’t like to use oils on my face because I already have pretty oily skin, but I love it for my hair and body.  They have some amazing benefits and are definitely one product you should consider using if you aren’t already.

Pure and Organic Argan Oil Benefits include:

  • Diminishes Wrinkles
  • Stimulates Skin Cells
  • Reduces Appearance of Scaring and Stretch Marks
  • Creates Softer Smoother Skin
  • Reliefs for Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Restores Nutrient Content to Skin Cells
  • Helps Repair Damaged Hair

Pura D'or Argan Oil

Pura D’or Argan Oil is a great option to try out.  It is somewhat of a thicker oil that is very moisturizing.  It is a little too thick for me to use on my hair but I absolutely love it for my body.  I will use it on dry areas of my body at night to re-hydrate and moisturize them as well as on any scars that I have to minimize them.

If you want a chance to try out this oil and a couple other products from Pur D’or enter the giveaway below!  Pur D’or will be selecting 50 winners to receive a gift set that includes a bottle of their Argan Oil and a bottle of shampoo and conditioner.  Valued at $75.99!



xoxo, Sammi

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