Polish of the Week – Reign in Spain

Since I absolutely LOVED my last polish I posted (London Calling), I decided to “steal” my moms polish she received in her Birchbox.  It is also a Color Club Nail Polish and is actually from the same collection!  This weeks color is called Reign in Spain.

Reign in Spain is sort of like a lighter pink-corally color that also has a hint of neon in it.  I’ve noticed with both Reign in Spain & London Calling that when you are outside, the darker it gets the more neon and bright my nails looked.  This is another great color for spring and summer!  I absolutely LOVE these two colors!  I may just have to buy the collection!

I most definitely recommend trying out Color Club Polishes if you haven’t already.  I have only had good experiences with them so far and will continue to use them!

20130727-101017.jpg Have any of you tried this color? this collection? or Color Club Polishes? What did you think?

♥ Samantha

  • I don’t have nails long enough to paint but these look like some really cute summer colors! Thanks for sharing with us =)


  • Oooh, love that color! I wonder who comes up with these names for the colors? That’d be a fun job.

  • What a fun color! 🙂

    • It is a VERY fun color! You should definitely try it!

  • Great color! I have never heard of this brand before (I’m in Canada). I never dare to try bright colors like that. I tend to stay in color that would go with my closet so that I don’t feel like I need to change them every time I dress 😉

    • They have their own website that you can look up. Like I said in my post we received this color and another bright color in our Birchbox so if you want to specifically try out this collection of colors you can go to birchbox.com and they sell it on there in their shop! To be honest, I used to only wear light pink so it would always look good with my outfit. Then I decided I didn’t care and I started trying out a bunch of different colors and have received so many compliments from people. Let’s just say that I haven’t stopped yet and I love it!

  • I don’t usually color my nails but this is a very lovely color. My daughter gets Birchbox so I might check out and see what she got in there.

  • I haven’t tried this brand, but I’ve tried a color similar to this one, and I found that I need to be VERY tan to make it look halfway decent LOL

    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    • I definitely recommend at least trying this brand if you don’t think you will like the color on you. 🙂