Palmolive Fresh Infusions – VoxBox – First Impression!

Hey Everyone!
I am back with another VoxBox from Influenster!
I have had the opportunity to try out some new dish soap from Palmolive!
Now.  Let me make a confession first!
I…am…a…DAWN girl.
I have always Always ALWAYS used Dawn.  I just love it and it works great!
BUT, I am happy to say that I am SO glad that they sent me the new Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soap to try!I was excited when I opened the box!  The bottles are cute and look modern and sleek for dish soap bottles.  The are pretty enough to sit out on the counter and the colors are also great!


The unfortunate part about being a college student is cheap living. Don’t get me wrong! I’m all for not spending lots of money right now, but I have to say…I hate….yes, it’s such a harsh word…HATE not having a dish washer! SO.  Since I don’t have a dish washer, I have to wash my own dishes.I used the Ginger White Tea (pink soap) the day that I received them in the mail.  All of the scents smell kitchen-y and yummy.  The Ginger White Tea is my favorite though.  I think that the Lemon Thyme scent could be a little stronger but it still smells great.

I was very surprised at how concentrated the dish soap was.  I could tell the difference while I was washing dishes.  The bubbles stayed for a long time and so did the scent.  It cleaned my dishes really well.

I think overall I would definitely use this product again.  If anyone is interested in trying out this new dish soap out you can get it at Walmart.

Have you tried it yet?  If so, what did you think of it???

♥ Samantha*Disclaimer:  The three (3) bottles of Palmolive Fresh Infusions were sent to me from Influenster to review.  The statements above reflect my opinion only and not the opinions of Influenster, Palmolive, or anyone else.