New look + Blog Confessions

First things first, take a look around! As you can see there have been some changes around here as far as looks go and I must say that I think they are for the better!  There are still some areas that I am working on so if you see more changes in the future that is why.  With that out of the way…on to the confessions!

  1. I love this blog and I love having the option to write for other people.  The thing that I don’t like is that I have many insecurities about this blog.  I’ve always been a horrible writer so I feel like when I write blog posts they just don’t sound right when I read them.
  2. I’ve never been truly happy with the aesthetics of my blog and felt like no one would want to read it because it wasn’t a “pretty” place to look at.  Since I felt that way I could never keep to a schedule or would ever even want to write because I didn’t think it was worth it.  Now that I am slowly changing the way it looks I am starting to feel a lot better about it with a new and refreshed energy.
  3. Taking good pictures that are to my liking are just not possible in the house that I currently live in.  There just isn’t enough natural light that comes in so I am working my way into getting a lighting kit and a tripod for my new DSLR camera. (which I am also trying to figure out how to use it!)
  4. I feel overwhelmed when thinking about trying to manage all of my social media accounts.  Is it worth it to be using them all?
  5. One thing that I am missing from my blog life right now is a sense of community.  One of the main reasons I wanted to start my blog was to meet amazing people and build friendships.  It has happened a little bit but I find it really hard.
  6. My life has been changing so much over the past year a so that it is crazy to wrap my mind around it.  I will be doing an entire blog post about this soon.
  7. My little sister graduates from high school in less than two weeks and it is just a crazy thought.  She is 8 years younger than me and it is just hard to believe that she is already going to be graduating.  I still feel like she has a lot of growing up to do so this next year for her will be interesting to watch.

Well, I feel like that is all I am willing to ‘confess’ today but it was a good start.  Again, thank you for sticking around if you’ve been following for awhile and welcome if you are new!  I hope you all decide to stick around for a long time!

xo,  Sammi