Never Quit Learning

I believe that one thing you eventually learn in life is that you never quit learning.  No matter how old you get there is always something for you to learn about.  This past Monday, as a 26 year old, I officially became a student again.  I NEVER in a million years thought I would be saying that, but here I am saying it and so very excited about it!

When we moved to Las Vegas I knew that I would want to get into event planning/the entertainment industry.   I actually have always wanted to do event planning but never actually took the time to do what I wanted.  Instead I went to college and received two bachelors degrees that I don’t really use.  I don’t regret getting two bachelors because they will help me in the end, but I regret not going for something that I truly wanted to do.

So here I am enrolled in classes at a hospitality school here in Las Vegas and I am going to be pursuing event planning!  I am very excited about starting the program and this journey towards a profession I am sure going to enjoy!  Here’s to 2016 & big changes!

xoxo, Sammi