Natural Stress Relief

Holy! This semester has been a CrAzY busy one! I am in my final semester of my undergrad and I am only taking 4 classes this semester but for some reason I am crazy busy with school work and group projects galore!  I feel like I have completely abandoned my blog since it got really busy.  Last week was my midterms week and I had 3 of my tests all within 27 hours.  Needless to say….I. was. STRESSED.

I recently received an Influenster VoxBox and received some fabulous products.  One of the products I received was Bach’s Natural Stress Relief Rescue Gum.  For those 27 hours I was living off of this gum and Starbucks coffee.  Probably not the healthiest choice I’ve made but dang…It got me through it!

Rescue Gun

This gum and the rest of the Bach Rescue products are made in Germany.

Product Description:  Orange and Elderflower Liquid Centre Relax with soothing Bach Rescue Chewing Gum, with zesty orange and elderflower flavor. The liquid centre contains 4 drops of Rescue the famous combination, of Five Bach Flower Remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach and used by millions around the world.

I noticed right away after I started chewing it that it was relieving and the relief lasted quite awhile!  I LOVED the taste of the Orange and Elderflower liquid inside the gum.  I was hesitant to try it at first until I smelt it.  (Yes, I am a smeller.  I have to smell everything before I try it!)  And it just smelt amazing so then I had to taste it.  

The one thing that I did not like about the gum was that it lost its flavor pretty fast and then gum started to harden after a bit.  I would love to try the drops they have that you put in your mouth.  I could see myself using them all the time!

More information about their products can be found here: Bach’s Natural Stress Relief Rescue Gum
If you have ever tried this gum, leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of it!
Until next time! Thank you for stopping by!

**Disclaimer:  This post is not sponsored by Bach Flower Remedy and they are my own opinions.