My True Feelings About Following Blogs

Okay, I don’t know if it is just me but I find that I don’t have the time to go and check Bloglovin’ everyday to look at all the blogs I follow.  Let’s be honest…I find it a little overwhelming to even go on Bloglovin’!  I know a lot of people use it and love it, but I just haven’t been able to get the hang of it or something.  It just isn’t working for me at all!  It’s definitely an awesome tool for bloggers to have to measure their followers and for others to be able to read, but it is definitely not my preference for keeping up-to-date with other blogs!

I check my email religiously throughout the day and I have found that this is the easiest way for me to keep up with all of my favorite blogs!  I love getting new posts in my inbox and I will keep them there until I comment on them! I always make sure I give them some lovin’!  If I find a blog I love I immediately look for a “Subscribe by e-mail” section.  Unfortunately not all blogs have this.  I believe that it is a good option to have for your readers!  I personally use feedburner and I know that a lot of other bloggers do too for their blogs.  If you don’t currently have the option for people to subscribe via e-mail then I would recommend that you look into providing it for your readers!  For me, if a blog doesn’t have it as an option and I really love the blog, I will bookmark it..but even just gets lost in my bookmark tab.  I tend to not read blogs that don’t come to my e-mail.  It’s horrible, I know, but it is such a convenience for me to have them in my inbox, a place I am at a bajillion times a day!  So, I apologize in advance if I never comment on your blog! That is more than likely the reason why I don’t!  Heck and if you have the option to follow by e-mail then let me know!

How do you prefer to follow blogs?  Does anyone have any tips for getting use to using Bloglovin’ without getting that overwhelming feeling?

♥ Samantha