Most Worn Things ♥ Summer!

1) Most worn nail polish

My most worn nail polish this summer has to be my Covergirl NailSlicks in Shimmering Shell Frost (#28).  I am pretty positive that you can no longer buy this product.  I got this years ago and luckily for me is isn’t all gooey yet!

It is a cute peachy/rose gold color and I LOVE it!

2) Most worn scent

My most worn scent is definitely my Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Forever Perfume!

Ever since it has came out I have just been loving it and I wear it practically everyday!
Dream Angels Forever Victoria`s Secret for women

3) Most worn hair product

My most worn hair product for this summer is It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product!
Leave in Conditioner is a MUST for me! My hair gets so tangled!
It is a little pricey but for the largest bottle (10 oz) it is $30 at Regis Hair Salon.
You can find it a little cheaper on Amazon.

4) Most worn bag

My most worn bag is my Coach Leather Alexandra Handbag that I got this past spring break!
It is shimmery and I just LOVE it!
It is definitely my go to bag at the moment!

5) Most worn shoes

My most worn shoes are my TOO CUTE Old Navy Rhinestone Capri Sandals!
As soon as I seen these in store I just HAD to have them!
The rhinestones sparkle just enough and they are just adorable!

6) Most worn accessory

My most worn accessory has to a pair of earring that I bought from Kohls.
As I think I have said before, I love anything that sparkles and catches my eye!
They are just beautiful!

7) Most worn clothing item

My most worn clothing item for the summer has to be all of my Bermuda-style jean shorts from American Eagle and Hollister.
They are one of my favorite summer time bottoms because you can dress them up or down!

8) Most worn foundation

My most worn foundation this summer has been Covergirl’s natureluxe liquid silk foundation with SPF 10.
It is a very light weight foundation which makes it feel like it is barely there!
The color I have for me is number 330 chamois
NatureLuxe Silk Foundation

9) Most worn blush/bronzer

I haven’t been wearing bronzer this summer, BUT my most worn blush this summer has been benefit’s bella bamba!
I just absolutely LOVE the pink shimmery color it leaves on your cheeks!

10) Most worn lip product

The formula isn’t too sticky and it feels and looks good on your lips!

Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

11) Most worn mascara

My most worn mascara is EASILY Covergirl’s Lash Blast Fusion Mascara!
All of their Lash Blast formulas are amazing!
It makes my lashes look super plump and long!
I just LOVE this mascara!
*I get all of my mascaras in the blackest black you can buy.*
LashBlast Fusion Mascara

12) Most worn eye shadow

Last but not least, for my most worn eye shadow…I actually have 2 that I wear together.
They are Maybelline’s Expertwear Eye Shadow in Urban Brown (with a High Pearl Finish) and N.Y.C. Sparkle Eye Dust in Champagne
Thank you for reading everyone!
Leave me comments! I would love to hear what your summer most worn are!
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Have a great week!

♥ Samantha