Manicure Monday: OY – Another Polish Joke!


This week I wanted to pick a color that was glitzy but subtle. So, I decided on the color ‘OY – Another Polish Joke!’ by OPI.  This is a sheer gold shimmer polish.  The glitter is very small and applies nicely to the nails.  I did 2 coats in the picture above, but it probably could have used 3.  This polish dried VERY quickly and I was very surprised at how the texture of the polish turned out.  It feels like it dries matte and you can feel the glitter in it as if it were almost like super fine sandpaper.

Some people may be able to pull off this color by itself, but I feel like most won’t.  On myself I don’t think I will ever wear it as a stand alone color again, but it would look absolutely gorgeous over a hot pink or a turquoise!

Have you tried this color? or a color similar to it?  How would you wear it?

♥ Samantha