July in Pictures


Left to Right: Me and my friend Amanda at her bachelorette party, the BEST..and goofiest.. dog ever – Ellie Mae, Ferris Wheel at the fair in West Fargo, K & I at the Five Finger Death Punch concert at the fair.


Left to Right:  I got back into another bingo kick!, Won $300 playing bingo! :), All of my baking supplies for a big day, Cupcakes I made for an event – Raspberry Lemonade & Strawberry.  They were absolutely delicious!

Now onto some highlights from work…


First two pictures are of a humane society dog that I groomed.  As you can see from the first picture…it was matted and all the hair needed to go!  He was such a good dog for me and was adopted shortly after being groomed!  The third picture is just too priceless to not include!  This was a dog I had just finished grooming.  I was taking a snapchat to my sister and my camera on my phone lagged….the dog licked his nose…and this is the picture I got!  It is wayyy too adorable!


This is the most recent humane society dog I groomed.  His name is Marley.  He was crazy bad matted and I truly enjoyed grooming him.  He was such a sweetheart and a trooper!  I forgot to take a picture before I started shaving him to it isn’t a true “before” picture but it gives you an idea of what he looked like.  The hair I shaved off of his neck/back/sides literally could have been a fur rug.  I am sure he will be adopted within a few days!  Anyone would be happy to have him for a pet!

What were the highlights of your July?

xoxo, Sammi