Journey to $1.6 Billion

So the Powerball drawing was last night and unfortunately Kyle and I didn’t win, but that’s okay!  You can’t win if you don’t play right?!

As you may know we live in Las Vegas which is in the lovely state of Nevada. Nevada/Las Vegas is like the PRIME spot for gambling.  You think that they would have lotto in Nevada, but ohhhh no they don’t.  If we want to get our hands on some lotto tickets we have to drive to California or Arizona.  So what did Kyle and I do?  We drove to the California/Nevada border!

There is this city, about 30 minutes from Vegas, right on the border called Primm.  It’s like a little tourist town that has a few casino, restaurants, and an outlet mall.  Primm is “technically” in Nevada but since they are on the border they put in a lottery store that is right on the other side of the state line in California.  An entire convenience store to sell California lotto tickets and scratch offs.

Of course everyone wants a piece of that $1.6 Billion so we weren’t the only ones there.  In fact, it was literally like Black Friday for lotto tickets but definitely more controlled.  It was NUTS.  We waited in line for a little over AN HOUR to buy 5 tickets for $10.  I documented it a little bit on my phone so I will leave this here for you to enjoy!  *Excuse the phone quality*


Congratulations to those that won a chuck of change! May your life be changed for the better!

xo, Sammi