Gifts from Vegas

Hey everyone!

Today I just wanted to do a quick post about a few gifts I received from my mom when she went to Las Vegas. The t-shirt and the shot glass are the two obvious touristy gifts. She bought both my little sis and I the same shirt. She also bought me a Las Vegas shot glass because I collect them from the different places that I visit.


The other two gifts are definitely more meaningful to me and are not touristy gifts. The decorative wall piece on the left has various sayings about love and relationships. I keep these words very close to my heart and try to remember them as I continue the relationship with my boyfriend. The second decorative wall piece on the right is something that will always remind me of my mom. I don’t really remember this too much, but when I was really little she used to sing ‘You are my Sunshine’ to me all the time. She said that when she saw it in a store she just had to get it for me.

Have you received any gifts lately? What did you receive?

♥ Samantha