Get to know me, Samantha! Pt. 1

As a way for you all to get to know me, I am starting a little series where I will answer questions about myself!  These posts will be fairly spread out, but will be happening!  If you have any specific questions for me to answer, leave them in the comments section!  I would love to answer them!

Are you a morning or a night person?

Oh man, so I would say that I am definitely more of a night person!… trying to transition into a morning person. Ha.  I suck at waking up in the morning.  LIKE BAD.  I have 6 alarms set on my phone and I usually don’t even hear them until the last alarm goes off.  Morning time = a complete fail for me!

 Do you prefer sweet or salty foods?

Ohhhh! This is a good question! I love both! I have a nice big stash of candy and sugary treats in my night stand and I have a big stash of chips and other salty goodies in my closet.  Yes, I do keep food in my room.  I spend A LOT of time in my room and get too lazy to go downstairs to the kitchen!

                  Dill pickleHugs

Are you a collector of anything?

If I absolutely HAVE to admit that I have some collections, I guess this is the time to do it!  I would say that I “collect” make-up products and nail polish, BUT I do try use everything that I have and I try to not be wasteful with it.  Another thing I collect is shot glasses.  Every big city/state that I go to I buy a shot glass.  For now they just pretty much sit in a kitchen cabinet.  The last thing that I collect, that not even some of my closest friends know about me is…..barbies.  Yes, I collect barbies.  I have tons of barbies that are still in boxes back at my moms house.  They range from like $15 barbies to barbies that cost $200-$350 a piece to purchase.  They are just so gorgeous!  I have these 2 below back from 1994.

                              barbie 1 barbie 2

What is your favorite animal?

Meow! Definitely any type of CAT!  Don’t get me wrong, I pretty much love all animals, but dang!  Cats just!  It would be an absolute DREAM of mine to own a big cat.  Don’t even try to lecture me on how owning a big cat is cruel…and blah blah blah…I’ve heard it all before.  Or that I would get killed. Just shush.  It’s a DREAM.  I think if I ever was able to pet a baby tiger or lion I would be so happy I would cry!  Seriously look how ADORABLE they are! eek!

Ever been addicted to a video/computer game?

Ha. Nerd Alert. So once upon a time I played World of Warcraft.  I still play it every now and then, but I loveddddd playing it!  Other than that I don’t think I have ever been “addicted”.  When I was younger I enjoyed my super nintendo, nintendo 64, and my gameboy color.  I definitely played them a lot! Oh! and I play stupid facebook games when I am bored, but they don’t last long and I always have to find new ones to play.


What are your answers to these questions?  Do we have any similar answers?