Fur Baby #2

I have already introduced you to one of my fur babies here & here, so now I am going to introduce you to my other fur baby!


Meet Riley Oxford!


I bought Riley from a pet store in our mall back in September 2008.  At the time I was living in the dorms that did not allow pets at all.  Well I’ve never really been one for following rules when it come to animals so that didn’t stop me!  I kept RIley in my dorm room for about a semester.  Towards the end of the semester our RHD and others were suspicious of me having a cat but they never actually found him in my possession so I ended up moving him to my moms house so that I wouldn’t get caught.  Once I moved out on my own he came to live with me permanently!


Riley is turning 6 this summer and still acts like he is a kitten.  We like to chase each other around the house when we are bored.  He sometimes get a little crazy and will attack my feets all the way up the stairs which is always really funny!  When he was young I decided to not get him declawed and boy am I glad I made that decision!  He developed a personality around his paws that is too cute!  He will use his paw/claws to grab food out of his dish and he will either eat it out his paw or knock it on to the table and then eat it.  Sometimes he can be a little pest and he will walk around knocking stuff off of dressers, tables, and counters.


Yep, he is my lovely little boy and I love him soooo much!

xoxo, Sammi