Ellie Mae – Newest Member of the Family!

Meet Ellie Mae!  She is the newest member of the family!

We bought her about 3.5 weeks ago when she was 6 weeks old and she weighed 8.4 lbs.

She is 3/4 Black Lab, 1/4 Llewellin Setter.

At her 8 week appointment she already weighed 11.2 lbs! We have about 2 more weeks until her 12 week appointment and I swear she will be AT LEAST 20 lbs the next time we bring her in!

I feel so lucky that we picked her!  She is SO smart and is just a wonderful dog!  She learned how to sit and shake within the first 2 weeks of us having her and she can now lay down as well! Next is trying to get her to stay after we keep practicing lay down some more!

Her potty training is going SO well!  She is on a pretty good potty schedule and rarely (but sometimes) has accidents in the house.  She knows that every time we take out her collar and leash that she is going outside and gets really excited!

20130627-225702.jpg 20130627-225728.jpg 20130627-225740.jpg 20130627-225748.jpg 20130627-225758.jpg 20130627-225827.jpg 20130627-225846.jpg 20130627-225905.jpg

Most of these pictures are from the first few weeks of having her.  She is just so So SO adorable!!!  As you can tell, she used to LOVE to sleep! What puppy doesn’t?  She would sleep all. the. time.  It was crazy! As soon as you would pick her up and hold her she would pretty much instantly fall asleep.  I sometimes wish she was still like that, but it is amazing to see her grow!  She is very outgoing and loves to nibble of your hands since she is teething. Hopefully she gets over that fast! Those teefers can REALLY hurt sometimes!

Well I hope you all enjoyed learning about her and meeting her!

Do you have a puppy/dog? Tell me about him/her!

 ♥ Samantha