Currently in September 2015



Reading… nothing…  That’s bad I know.  I have been receiving a lot of book suggestions and would like to start reading books for fun so I let you know next month what I decide.

Playing… Paradise Bay.  It’s a stupid game on the phone that I am just slightly addicted to.  It just fills some of my empty time and I like games.  They keep my brain moving.

Watching… Big Brother.  Seriously my all time favorite TV show.  I’ve watched it since season one and we now only have 2 episodes left of this season. 🙁

Trying… this whole working out thing.  At first it was going slow.  Now though, I’m committed.  I want this to work.  I’ll tell you more later.

Cooking… quick dinners.  We’ve been on a pretty good kick of cooking quick meals that are good for you.

Eating… Pizza rolls.  I was craving them okay?  Pizza rolls are bomb dot com.

Drinking… Simply Raspberry Lemonade.  We love this stuff!  This one and the regular lemonade are amazing.

Calling… no one.  I haven’t really been wanting to talk on the phone much lately.

Texting… My mom.  She has surgery today to get her gallbladder removed.

Pinning… nada.  I haven’t been pinning in a hot minute.  It’s quite sad actually! But re-organizing my pinterest is on my to-do list.

Tweeting… tweeting?  Gah, I suck at social media.  Like really, I do.  Goal for 2016?  Maybe.

Going… to the strip.  I love it.  Most “locals” in Las Vegas don’t go to the strip at all.  Like what? Can I just live on the strip please?

Loving… Working from home.  I have a job that allows me to work from home which is amazing, but I do sometimes I wish I had other things to do.

Hating… nothing.  I haven’t been in a hateful mood at all which is great!

Discovering… more about myself…slowly…

Thinking… I want to start my own business… I just don’t know what yet.

Feeling… cold.  The guys in the house like it cold.  Cold + Samantha do not mix.  Yes, I know….but I basically lived in the cold my whole live.  It’s different.  I hate being cold in my own house.  It’s summer (basically) and I use a personal heater at my desk.

Hoping (for)… opportunities to make friends in Las Vegas.  Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult?!  Working from home doesn’t help the situation.

Listening (to)… youtube videos.  I like having them play for background noise.

Celebrating… Kyle starting his new job! Yay for getting a job! Boo for it being swing shift!

Smelling… like the Gap So Pink perfume.  I’ve loved this stuff since middle school.  It smells amazing!

Ordering… Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips.  They only sell them in the midwest/Canada.  No where near Las Vegas…and they are my FAVORITE!

Thanking… all of the 3S Fit ladies for being SO incredibly supportive.  More on them later!

Considering… going to IMATS LA.  Who am I kidding?! Of course I’m going to go.  Just need to buy my ticket!

Starting… to motivate myself.  I realize I am never going to get what I want unless I work for it.  There are a lot of things that I want right now so I am really motivating my self to get it did.

Finishing… this blog post anndddd my pizza rolls.  Yup, about to eat the last one! 


I hope you all are having a great week! The weekend is almost here! What are you all currently up to?

xoxo, Sammi