Confessions of a Bad Blogger



I know I have been a bad, terrible blogger lately so here are some confessions.

  1. Yesterday was the first time I’ve posted in almost a month.
  2. I have barely been keeping up with my e-mails.
  3. Life has been both incredibly hard and amazing the past couple of months.
  4. I am typically online long enough to check and see if I have any “important” e-mails and to respond to comments.
  5. I have been trying my hardest to keep up with other blogs during my absence but I know that I have missed a few because I am not subscribed to them by e-mail.  So, if I start spam commenting all of your blog post…I’m catching up.
  6. I started working another job.  For about a month-ish I was working two full-time jobs.  I am still working at both but I went down to part-time for the older job.
  7. I’ve been feeling exhausted for the past month if not longer and find myself to just wanting to be at home 24/7.
  8. Kyle and I went on an awesome road trip to Madison, WI to see UND play the Badgers in hockey.  I’m proud to announce that UND kicked their butt! 🙂 We also drove down to Chicago for one night to go to a Blackhawks game that same weekend.  They also kicked butt! We had an awesome hockey butt-kicking weekend!
  9. The first Christmas presents I bought were for my dog and cat.  They are WAY too spoiled.
  10. Although I have been extremely happy with my life lately I find myself still crying throughout days because I randomly think about my grandma.  Now that the holidays are around the corner the crying is increasing.  It kills me inside to know that I won’t be calling her to tell her Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas.
  11. My next trip to Vegas is planned. Take note: that is Vegas three times within the year.  We must be crazy.
  12. Today we started to de-clutter and organize our possessions into bins.  I feel like I am starting to get back on top of my shit.
  13. Lastly, with that being said, I am happy and excite to be back here in my blog space and writing posts!

xoxo, Sammi