Collective Victoria’s Secret Haul!

Today I am here to share a collective haul from Victoria’s Secret with you! I purchased all of these products myself in about 3-4 trips to our local store. I went recently during the Semi-Annual Sale and during a few other times when they had free products with a purchase.


The first two products I want to show you are these two totes. I bought the floral/polka dot tote during the semi-annual sale. The other tote is the most recent promotion they had which was to get the Getaway Bag (Pink and White Striped) for free with a purchase of $75 or more.


The next three items are this t-shirt, these cropped yoga leggings, and a pair of black pink flip-flops that I got for free with the purchase of my cropped yoga leggings.


The next thing I bought was this bag filled with body wash, fragrance mist, and body lotion. The scent to these products are Lemon Sugar & Coconut. It is a very sweet smell but I still think that it smells good! I bought this specifically for the bag. It is almost a mix between a make-up bag and a clutch. I am still not sure what exactly I am going to use it for.


The next five things are beauty products! Looking at the picture above, the first product is a corally pink luminous mineral blush in Can’t Resist (far right swatch in the bottom photo). The next product is the color drama lipstick in French Kiss. It is a rich, creamy, full-coverage corally lipstick (2nd swatch from the right in the bottom photo). The third product is a corally pink nail lacquer in Coral Crush (the bottom swatch in the bottom photo). Product number four is a hypergloss eye shimmer. The color is called ‘Star Lights’. A little bit of this eye shimmer goes A LONG way. It is absolutely stunning (2nd swatch from the left)! The last make-up product is the brilliant shine lipgloss in ‘Indulgent’ (swatch on the far left).


Last but not least! I have 1 1/2 more products to show you! I was absolutely devastated!….okay, maybe not “devastated”, but I was extremely sad to find out that one of my favorite perfumes at VS was no longer going to be made. It is the Dream Angels Forever. When this perfume came out, I fell in love with it and just HAD to get it! When I saw that it was on sale and they weren’t going to be selling it anymore, I bought a large bottle and a small bottle. It should definitely last me awhile with all of the other perfume I like to use as well! The last product that is shown below with the perfume is the Love My Body Indulge Me Body Oil. I was able to get it in Jasmine & Water lily! It smells SO good! I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but plan to soon! According to the box, it is a super-silky dry oil that is infused with an ultra-nourishing trio of Argan, Grapeseed, Monoi Oils that absorb instantly into your skin leaving it feeling smoothed and nourished.



Did you get to shop the VS Semi-Annual Sale?  What did you get?

♥ Samantha