Blogmas 2013 Day 3: Make-Up Organization…HELP!

This definitely does not have anything to do with the holidays or christmas, but I really wanted to write a post about it!  After waiting what felt like ever, I finally purchased my Alex 9 Drawers from IKEA after my trip to Boston (post coming soon!) The bf and I put it together this past weekend and I was able to start filling it up and actually organizing my make-up/beauty products.  I’ve watched countless youtube videos of make-up collection videos to try and find some ideas for storage organization within the drawers and I haven’t found anything that I like!  I still need to check out the container store and see what they have, but I don’t know when I will be able to get to one!  I am currently using old birchbox boxes and glossybox boxes in the drawers for separators, but am looking to find something else!

Alex 9

Do you have these drawers?  What do you use for your make-up storage/organization?

HELP please!

♥ Samantha