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Today I am linking up again with A Beautiful Exchange and The Albrechts Blog to talk about my holiday favorites!  Enjoy!

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Favorite thing about the holidays:

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is spending time with my friends and family.  I love to just relax at home and watch movies and talk with my friends and family.

Favorite holiday tradition(s):

I actually have two favorite holiday traditions! The one family tradition that I love is that we always put up our Christmas tree at my moms the day after Thanksgiving!  Having the Christmas tree lit up for a month is always a happy sight to see!  The other tradition that I have for myself is to drive around different neighborhoods and look at all of the Christmas lights.  They are just absolutely beautiful and I love to see them all!

Favorite holiday decor:

Based on my favorite holiday traditions, you probably could have guessed what my favorite decor is!  I absolutely love decorated Christmas trees and hanging up christmas lights up!

Favorite holiday food:

Well, I love the typical Christmas dinner with ham and all of the sides.  BUT, I really miss my grandmas Christmas cookies she used to make all the time when I was younger!  She made the BEST sugar cookies ever!

Favorite holiday movie(s):

When it comes to holiday movie, I am pretty old school!  I still have a VHS tape from when I was younger that has old school Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (1964) on it.  I have to watch it every year!  I have even bought it on DVD just in case my VHS tape goes bad or breaks!

Favorite holiday song(s):

I love all of the typical Christmas carols that you hear like most people, but I do have one song that just KILLS me every time I listen to it!  My favorite holiday song is ‘Christmas Shoes’ by Alabama.  If you haven’t heard the song you need to click here and listen to it real quick.  It will melt. your. heart.  Every time I hear it I just cry.  Lately I have also been listening to the Michael Buble and Justin Bieber Christmas albums that were released last year I believe.  They are great too!

What are your favorite holiday favorites?

♥ Samantha