Blogger Men Tell All *Round 3*

It’s time to link up with The Samantha Life, Daily Chaos, & Becoming Adorrable again for the Blogger Men Tell All monthly link-up! This month I completely failed at giving Kyle a heads up on the questions and I asked him them last night.  Woops! Maybe next month I will be more on top of it!  Let’s see what this crazy guy of mine has to say.


  1. Me: What food do you look forward to most at Thanksgiving Dinner?
    • Kyle: “Pie” – He lovesss pumpkin pie and cool whip
  2. Me: Do you ever go shopping on Black Friday?
    • Kyle: “Duh”
  3. Me: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
    • Kyle: “Cowboys game”
  4. Me: Do you travel for the Thanksgiving holiday or stay close to home?
    • Kyle: “Stay close”
  5. Me: What are you most thankful for this year?
    • Kyle: “Uhh idk. Being able to travel”
    • Me: “Really?”
    • Kyle: “I have no idea”

Well, there you have it.  There is my man of “few words” when you least expect it.  He seems to like giving “one word answers” for these questions for some reason. Oh well I guess!

xo, Sammi

  • Oh kyle, I’m just so glad his answers were short like Parker’s too 🙂 That last one, uhhh I don’t know… 🙂

    • Samantha Curtis

      Yeah, I don’t understand why they are so short! He likes to talk talk talk but when it comes to something like this and I get nothing! Ha.

  • Ha! That picture totally makes up for his lack of words. I love the “duh” reply. Like we all know about his shopping habits, haha.

    • Samantha Curtis

      Yes, he likes to take goofy pictures! and they tend to be the same face too!