Big Week

This week is a big week!  The end of this week marks the beginning of our lives after college.  I have been graduated for a little over a year, but my guy graduates this weekend.  We are very excited for this transition and can’t wait for what the future years have in store for us!

To kick it off we will be spending the weekend with his parents here in town.  On Sunday we will be heading down to South Dakota for a few days to check out Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills.  Next Thursday will be a lovely day trip to WInnipeg and then the last trip will be a week long trip to Florida!

Overall I am most excited for Florida because all of my family that lives down there will be able to meet my mister!  I am so excited to see them and can’t wait to be there again!  The rest of this month is going to be amazing.

Now for the tough part…the entire house needs to be clean by Thursday night and miss Ellie Mae needs a bath!  I have kind of started to clean but dang, I just can’t keep motivated to get it done!  For as excited as I am for the end of this week I keep getting side tracked in every task that I attempt to complete.  Hopefully I can find the motivation to get. it. done!

Have a great week/weekend and wish me luck on cleaning!

♥ Samantha