Back from Vacay!

I am home from our recent vacay and back into the swing of things!  We had an awesome time on both of our vacations to South Dakota and Florida.

First we went to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore/the Black Hills & the badlands.  The boyfriend and I went with his mom and step dad for part of his graduation present.   We stayed in Deadwood, SD for a couple nights, which was interesting to say the least!  Deadwood was like a mini Las Vegas without all of the lights.  It is a small town that has a casino pretty much on every corner.  That place definitely took my money! I think I will stick with Vegas.  I can actually win a little bit there!  

Our first day out we took a tour of Jewel Cave.  On our way to the cave we stopped and took a few minutes to take in this beautiful scenery!


It is the second longest cave in the world! We obviously didn’t go through the entire thing but it was awesome to go down in the cave and experience something like that!  Our earth is amazing!  We then headed over to Mount Rushmore and had a little bit of fun there!



In the badlands we were able to get up close with some buffalo!

DSCN1376 After South Dakota, a couple days later we made our way to Florida!  We were going down there to pick up my boyfriends car as well as visit my family.  It felt SO good to be back in Florida!  I miss that place like crazy!  We wet to Disney World a couple of days and made it to all 4 parks.  We also hung out with the family, did some shopping at the Premium Outlets in Orlando, went to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, got my absolute FAVORITE pineapple smoothie at an amazing frozen yogurt place in Tampa, showed the boyfriend around Tampa, went to the beach and met up with my Florida BFF!  Here are some pictures from the FL part of our vacay!




DSCN1436 DSCN1450 DSCN1445 2


Oh! I forgot to mention one tiny detail! I said that we went to Florida to pick up a car….that means we drove all the way back to North Dakota from Florida.  We left Saturday Morning and I had to work on Monday Morning so I decided that we would try to make it as far as we could during the night.  We ended up driving through the night and made it back to Grand Forks at noon on Sunday!  It was a looooong drive, but when one person was driving the other person was sleeping so It all worked out!  We had plenty of time to go to the dog park, do some laundry, and enjoy our night!

Thank you so much for reading! I am glad to be back!

xoxo, Sammi