Bachelor Recap: Episode 5 …to be continued…

This episode was just plain crazy and I knew one like this must have been coming soon.  The first date of the show was a one-on-one with Carly.  Carly is a girl that is slowly growing on me, but I feel so sorry for what she and Chris went through on their date.  They spent the first portion of their date with a “love guru”.  Oh, and keep in mind this is their first real date.  Needless to say…this portion of their date was extremely awkward and I found it REALLY hard to not laugh at their reactions the entire time.  In the end, I think they both handled the date perfectly.



For the first part of the group date, the girls and Chris went white water rafting on the Rio Grande.  They didn’t show too much of this other than Jade briefly falling into the water, the guide pulling her back into the boat (black box makes another appearance), Jade getting foot rubs from Chris because of a condition she has, and other girls complaining about Jade getting all the attention.



Before the second half of the date started, Jordan returned to try and get another chance with Chris.  Chris let her stay for the remainder of the date but ended up letting Jordan go back home again for the second time. The girls were not pleased that Jordan came back to try and win over his heart again, but Ashley I took it WAY too far saying that the girls should not be nice to Jordan at all.  The best part of the date is when non-conflict Whitney continues to pick at Ashley and doesn’t back down about the matter.  You go girl.



Next was Britt’s one-on-one.  We’ve only waited….oh…I don’t know…4 episodes for this!  Chris comes in at 4:30am to wake Britt up in front of all the other girls and of course Britt looks absolutely stunning with make-up and all when she woke up.  They went on what looked like to be an awesome hot air balloon ride and ended up taking a nap and spending time together in Chris’ room later on.



The rest of the episode is where the crazy really came out.  Kelsey…yes Kelsey..decided to knock on his room door before the cocktail party to tell him about her story.  I think it is okay that she wanted to tell him about her story but she made herself look crazy.  She refers to her story of her late husband dying as amazing saying, “isn’t my story amazing? It’s tragic.  But, It’s amazing.” In the moment on camera she seem cold-hearted in the way she talked about her story and then right after went in for the kiss with Chris.  The whole this was messed up in my opinion…only for it to get a little more crazy.

The girls are all waiting around for the cocktail party to start and Kelsey confidently mentions that she feels comfortable as it seems like no one else feels that way.  Chris then comes out and starts talking about how Kelsey’s story kit home and then starts to break down a little.  He calls off the cocktail party and we are left with Kelsey lying on the ground having a panic attack.


My thoughts:  As I watch the time while watching the episode I knew this was going to be a “to be continued…” There is always at least one and it was getting to be that time and they always kill me especially when they are right before a rose ceremony!  At this point, my top three ladies are still: Britt, Kaitlyn, and Whitney with Carly and Jade close by.  Ashley I is definitely not the girl for Chris and Kelsey is a little cray cray. I’m really hoping that those 2 are the next ones to go.  They are just getting really annoying to watch.  Well, I am excited to share my thoughts about Episode 6 with you later today! Stay tuned to here what I thought!

xo, Sammi

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