Bachelor Recap: Episode 3


This episode was probably one of my favorite episodes to date! The addition of JImmy Kimmell couldn’t have gone better!  I looooved Kaitlyn’s one-on-one date with Chris the most! She was the perfect lady for that date.  She is so down to earth, funny, and crazy beautiful!  Not to mention her a Chris are wayyy too cute together!  (Side Note: Chris’s laugh KILLS me! I laugh every time I hear it!) And she totally got the rose!

 19-bachelor-week-3 (1)


The group date was really entertaining to watch.  The girls basically had to do a series of tasks; milk a goat & drink the milk, find an egg in a chicken coop, crack the egg into a frying pan without breaking the yolk, and catch a pig to put it back in a pen.  Carly ended up winning and spent some one-on-one time with Chris.  After the rest of the group date, Becca ended up getting the rose.


The second one on one date was with Whitney.  I thought this was an amazing date as well!   It was definitely worth their time to go and crash that wedding and get out from being directly under the cameras. As Chris said, Whitney totally killed it!  She seems like such a sweetheart!



Overall my top 3 ladies are Kaitlyn, Britt, and Whitney at this point.  I am completely annoyed with Jillian and Ashley I.  I think MacKenzie will only last maybe a 2-3 more weeks as she is kind of showing a weird/immature side.  And lastly, I still don’t know why Ashley S. is here.  

I am getting really excited for this season and ultimately can’t wait to see who Chris picks at the end!  Almost caught up! Last episode is next!  Be back soon with another recap!

xo, Sammi