Bachelor Recap: Episode 2



So, I’m going to start off with something that I forgot to mention from episode 1 that they expanded on in episode 2.  It is CRAZY that they are allowing Chris to live only feet away from these ladies!  Only to add to the drama, the other Chris told all of the ladies that he is living at the end of their driveway and to take advantage of any time that they can get with him.  This is definitely going to make for some crazy girl drama while they are still in the bachelor house.

Next, Kimberly…at first I thought she had guts coming back into the house but in the end Chris still sent her home.  He sent you home for a reason the first time and you probably should have respected that and just left.

The first group date…I just didn’t like it at all.  What is the point of making the girls walk around town in their bikinis while Chris is basically fully clothed?  And racing the tractors? It was just dumb.  After watching their 1-on-1 time, I am not sure that MacKenzie and Chris are for each other. NEXT.


Chris and Megan’s 1-on-1 date.  I like Megan…I think she will go far, but I don’t think i see her making it until the end.  Watching the date in general was pretty boring. The only real convo that we heard was her talking about her dad.  Other than that is was all ‘ohhh’, ‘ahh’, and ‘this is amazing’.

Second group date…was awesome! I would have been so scared, but all of the girls were troopers!  When he gave Britt that card about a free kiss I thought that it was SO cute! He really wanted her to know that he thinks about her and wanted to make her feel secure in a way.  Kaitlyn is totally growing on me!  Her and Britt are the front runners for me right now and I can see those two making it to the end.  Or at least I want those two to make it to the end!  Lastly, I’m sure you knew it was coming….Ashley S.  What in the hell girl.  You are either super crazy, on some messed up drugs, or are putting on a foolish act for TV.

The cocktail party & rose ceremony.  The two things that stand out to me from the cocktail party are Ashley I’s conversation about being a virgin and Jordan’s drunk white girl antics.  Jordan, you just need to pull yourself together.  As for Ashley I’s convo, I don’t think that they should have aired it.  I don’t think that she intended for it to be public knowledge to millions of people.  The only thing I am disappointed about with the rose ceremony is Chris giving Ashley S. a rose.  I just don’t get it but I don’t think anyone does. Oh, and Jillian, you aren’t the only one to think that you heard your name being called for a rose.  It’s all good.


Overall I felt like this was a pretty boring episode.  Hopefully the episodes to come are more drama and romance filled. Again, PLEASE no spoilers!  I am trying to catch up as fast as I can and I will have my next recap up soon!

xo, Sammi