Bachelor Recap: Episode 1


Before you say anything… I KNOW! I am wayyyyy behind on the Bachelor but I plan on being caught up by the end of the week. SO, if you love the Bachelor be prepared to get a lot of episode recaps this week because I really want to do them! Let’s get this thing started!

First things first…I am sooooo excited that Chris is this seasons bachelor!  He seems like such a genuine person and damnnnn is he sexy! (Sorry Kyle!)  I really hope he finds his love throughout this season and I can’t wait to watch the entire process/journey!

The women.  30 women! Goodness gracious.  I loved that they split the women into two groups.  I think that it created a good amount of drama and it really psyched out the first group which brought out a few crazies.

Ashley S


Ashley S.: Girl.  You are cray.  I don’t even know what to think about you. I really was wishing and hoping that he would not give her a rose on the first night but I guess we will be where this goes!  I will make for some good TV if she lasts awhile.



Kaitlyn: She is another lady that I just don’t know what to think. She seems raw. I like her but at the same time I get a weird vibe from her.  I’m excited to see how her journey plays out and I can’t wait to hear what else comes out of her mouth.



Britt: I just love this lady.  She is just so real and genuine.  She instantly became my favorite as soon as she stepped out of the limo and she definitely deserved the first impression rose based off the footage we seen on the show.  I have a feeling she will be one of the last three girls and I can’t wait to see their relationship blossom!

Now, PLEASE no spoilers!  I am going to become best friends with my TV/DVR this week and I am going to pump out the next 3 episodes.  Based off the previews it seems like this season will be drama filled (which season isn’t?!) and it should be a good time!

I’ll have my next recap up shortly!  Talk to you soon!

xo, Sammi