According to My DVR

I love to watch TV and I feel like I am always recording a million shows, but according to my DVR I have one day of the week that I love to watch TV the most!  That day would be Tuesdays!

The Voice

The Voice is a no brainer in my family.  We all love watching the voice!  I haven’t decided who I like the most or who I think is going to win but dannnggggg I wish I had a voice like some of those people!  I also really like Pharrell as a judge on the show!  He seems like a truly down-to-earth, caring person.

New Girl


I just can’t ever get enough of new girl!  I absolutely love this show and I own all of the seasons on DVD.  It is just great!



Selfie is a new show this year.  After watching the first episode or two I thought it was pretty cheesy and I didn’t know if I would like it…BUT I love it.  It’s similar to New Girl in a way but the story just keeps getting better and better and now I look forward to watching it!

Manhattan Love Story


When I saw the previews for Manhattan Love Story I knew for sure that I would love love love this tv show.  Sure enough, this is probably the tv show I look forward to watching the most!  I really wish it wasn’t only 30 minutes long but oh well!  If you haven’t watched this show, you need to!

Ink Master


Last but not least, there is Ink Master!  I do love this show.  It is absolutely NOTHING like any of the other shows I watch but I can’t get enough and look forward to every episode!


Are you a TV watcher too?  What day is your favorite day to watch TV according to your DVR?

xo, Sammi